Stephen Hodde  
sound design, programming
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I’m a game developer specializing in sound.

I'm committed to creating interactive entertainment that conditions formative, inspiring, & restorative states in players.

Along the way I hope to foster long-term, meaningful working partnerships.

In the last few years my main tools are Unreal Engine 4, C++, Wwise, Reaktor, modular synthesis, & field recording.

Twilight Garden
House of Wolves
THE Dark Below
THE Taken King
Red Faction: Armageddon
Saints Row 3 & some of 4
Guillermo del Toro’s inSANE

2019 GANG Awards
Winner: Best VR Audio
Winner: Best Sound Design for an Indie Game
Winner: Best Music for an Indie Game
Finalist: Audio of the Year
Finalist: Music of the Year
Finalist: Sound Design of the Year
Finalist: Best Dialog
Finalist: Best Original Instrumental
Finalist: Best Original Song
2019 DICE Awards 2019
Finalist: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
2019 Independent Game Festival 2019
Finalist: Excellence in Audio 
Destiny: The Taken King  
2016 GANG Awards
Finalist: Sound Design of the Year
Finalist: Audio of the Year
Finalist: Cinematic Cutscene Audio
2016 DICE Awards
Finalist: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
2015 DICE Awards
Winner: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
2015 Game Developers Choice Awards
Finalist: Best Audio
2015 GANG Awards
Finalist: Sound Design of the Year
2015 Music & Sound Awards
Finalist: Sound Design
2016 TEC Awards
Finalist: Interactive Entertainment, Sound Production
Featuring sound from Moss (VR) and Destiny, particularly The Taken King expansion.
Listen for: nature ambiences / enemy voice, language, movement, and weapons / scripted events / projectile flybys and impacts / damage / health indication / player vehicle / player weapons sword and shoulder-mounted canon / also excludes some mouse foley in first scene
2017-Present Audio Director / Moss & Expansion Twilight Garden / PSVR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (Android), Vive / Sound design, direction, implementation, game mix / Music direction, design, implementation / Voice direction and production / Field recording / Additional story design / Linear media direction / Soundtrack mix and production / Outsourcing direction, coordination / Articles / Playstation Lifestyle / Gamasutra / Pro Sound Effects
Amazon Game Studios
2015-2017 Audio Director / Crucible / Sound design & implementation for all game audio: foley, weapons, abilities, ambience, ui, damage, & others / Field recording / Music system design / Dialog system design / Audio engineering task backlog management / Composed temp score / Outsourcing contracts & direction / Contract coordination with legal department / Scheduling & project management
2012-2015 Senior Audio Designer / Destiny & Expansions The Dark Below, House of Wolves / Combatant voice, abilities, movement, weapons, drop ships / Ambience / Prologue cinematics / Game engine cinematic scenes / Scripted events / Player vehicles / Vault of Glass Raid audio / Loudness specification & mix assistance / Additional sound design for player grenades & abilities /  Sound for swords, some artifact weapons
Destiny: The Taken King / Combatant sound design direction for voice, weapons, & abilities / Scripted events / Outsourcing process & asset coordination / Cutscenes, scripted events, exotic player weapons, and Kingsfall raid / Kingsfall raid mix
2009-2011 Audio Designer /  Red Faction: Armageddon / Lead / Creature voice, player weapons & abilities, scripted events, ui / Destruction physics system design & implementation / Music system design & implementation / Music outsourcing & direction / Cinematics outsourcing & direction / Composer; additional music / DLC engineering support / Mix
Guillermo del Toro’s inSANE / cancelled / Creature voice / Academic research for creating alien language and non-human methods of communication / Vocal instrument design / Weapons 
Saints Row 3 & some of 4 / Ambience, weapons, scripted events, ui & pickups / Music editing, implementation / Paul, a Godzilla sized can of soda
Freelance, Big Spaceship, & Prior
2006-2009 / Music composition and sound design for flash games & ad campaigns / End clients include American Express, Sony Pictures, Yahoo!, Corona, A&E, Epson, HBO, Nike, and Adobe / 2004-2005 / General Assistant, Perfect Mixes / 2000-2001 / Intern, Reflection Sound Studios
Film & TV / Still I Strive, 2012, Sound Designer [documentary] / Enlightened! 2009, Composer: Additional Music [short] / What Are We Doing Here? 2008, Sound Editor, Pre-mixer – Klein Pictures [documentary / The Take, 2008, Additional Sound Designer – Road Less Traveled Productions / Sony Pictures [film / Guide House: Montauk, 2008, Music Supervisor, Composer – Puris Entertainment / ESPN2 [TV]
University of Iowa / 2018 / Writers’ Workshop, Poetry, Summer semester
New York University / 2001-2005 / Bachelor of Music / Music Technology, with honors