Hell Boas



Happy Ears Love Listening: Box of Audio… Stuff

HELL BoAS is part of a larger initiative I began at Volition to get colleagues excited about listening to the games we’re working on. As multi-platform developers, we frequently switched between PC, XBox 360, and PS3 to test our work. Most non-audio department folk don’t have an elegant solution for switching back-and-forth, so they mostly just don’t listen…and I don’t blame them. If every time I needed to switch an input I had to climb underneath my desk and unplug a bunch of Radioshack connectors, I probably wouldn’t do it either.


As a solution to this problem, HELL BoAS was born. It’s a headphone amplifier/input selector housed in a cigar box. Instead of buying some generic mini-mixer, I wanted people to have something they would feel excited about using and proud to have sitting on their desk. I wanted them to be like snowflakes, each one different, reflecting the uniqueness of their owners. Everybody likes to feel special.

The circuit is a modified cmoy amplifier, based off of Tangent’s design. After building a prototype using Radioshack protoboard, I had PCBs printed up to make assembly faster and more reliable. Luckily, my local cigar shop gives away empty boxes, so I didn’t have to kill myself in pursuit of swanky housing.


Tiny Library

Music written before 2010, a few are co-written with my wife Megan and a buddy of mine, Mike Reola.