Further details available on request.


  • AUDIO DIRECTION, sound design, and implementation for all areas of the game

Destiny: The Taken King

  • COMBATANTS: sound design and direction for “Taken” combatants voice, weapons, abilities, and bosses
  • PLAYER WEAPONS: sword exotics
  • OUTSOURCING: process coordination, direction, feedback
  • SOUND DESIGN: for some cutscenes, scripted events, ambience, and raid audio
  • MIX: Kingsfall raid mix

Destiny and expansions
The Dark Below, House of Wolves

  • COMBATANTS: Fallen and Hive voice, abilities, movement, weapons, drop ships, bosses; some Vex voice
  • AMBIENCE: Moon, The Tower
  • CINEMATIC AUDIO: prologues, some game engine cut scene sound design
: Sparrow, Pike, Interceptor
  • RAIDS: Vault of Glass, some sound design for Crota’s End
  • PLAYER WEAPONS: player swords, “artifact” weapons

Saints Row: The Third

  • AMBIENCE: content design and implementation for the NE island
  • MISSION SCRIPTED EFFECTS for select missions
  • WEAPONS: STAG rifle and shotgun, Genki mollusk launcher, AR-55
  • REVERB implementation for interiors
  • UI: select game modes, pickups, screenshot, gang takeovers, etc.
  • VOICE PROCESSING (bullhorns, PAs, etc.)
  • MUSIC selection, editing, & processing for missions and store interiors

Red Faction: Armageddon


  • MIX: used ITU-1770 standards to establish an integrated loudness of -18db LKFS for 20 minutes of gameplay
  • DESTRUCTION: system, sound design
  • WEAPONS: sound design for most player, NPC weapons
  • PLAYER ABILITIES: Nanoforge shockwave, impact, berserk, shield, including upgrades; repair
  • MUSIC: supervisor, system design, implementation, wrote score for Ruin Mode and Multiplayer
  • VIDEOS: game boot, logos
  • CINEMATICS: outsourcing supervisor
  • FOLEY for player, weapon reloads and movement
  • AMBIENCE: PAs alarms, environment, and battle ambience
  • UI: upgrades, vehicle night vision, new weapons pop-ups, salvage (pickup and ambient loops), ammo pickups
  • PROPS: generators used throughout the game as a repair objective, explosions
  • DLC: weapons, vehicles, mission sound effects, cutscenes

Systems Tech & Stability

  • Scripted most mission audio
  • Advocate for RAM allocation and memory management
  • Playback stability- point for QA and programmers
  • System optimization – compression spec, variation counts, duplicate data, etc.
  • Interfaced directly with Audiokinetic for new Wwise feature requests, identifying new bugs
  • Feature parity between SKUs
  • DLC system architecture support

Additional Music